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About the Program

This STARTALK teacher program will provide training through an interactive and engaging hybrid (online and in-person) learning experience.

How will the program help me?

The program will expand your conceptual understanding and teaching strategies with hands-on experience in planning and teaching a critical language in the classroom. Using strategies to engage students in a learner-centered classroom, you will create thematically organized lessons that meet the World Readiness Standards. Besides designing lesson plans, this program will focus on engaging activities, including gamification and using ChatGPT in instructional materials development. You will discuss and receive feedback about your lesson planning and instruction from peers and pedagogical specialists.

How much does the program cost?

The program (online sessions and onsite workshop) and related materials are free for accepted applicants. Participants of the Summer Workshop will receive free meals, housing, and a travel allowance (up to $300).

What are the dates?

Summer Hybrid Workshop:

pre-workshop online session: July 8-20, 2024
in-person workshop: July 21-27, 2024
post-workshop online session: July 28 -August 10, 2024

Online Course: Spring 2024

February, March & April, 2024

Online Coaching: Fall 2024

Coaching: Fall semester of 2024

Webinars: Spring semester of 2025

What will I do during the program?

You will participate in a hybrid summer workshop (online and in-person) at the University of Toledo in the summer of 2024. You will learn about planning and instruction with STARTALK Principles, focusing on student-centered learning with technology support.

Over five weeks in the summer of 2024, you will complete 72 hours of work via online sessions and an onsite- workshop at the University of Toledo. This will include 6 hours of independent work each week online in the pre-and post-workshop online sessions and about 48 hours of onsite workshop at the University of Toledo.

Before the summer workshop, you will have opportunities to participate in a self-paced online course in the Spring semester of 2024 to ensure that you understand the fundamentals of STARTALK Principles of Effective Learning and Teaching Languages. You can join a 12-week online course, including about 2-4 hours of self-paced study online each week.

After the Summer Workshop, you can participate in personalized coaching each month in the Fall semester of 2024 and professional development webinars in Spring 2025, with ongoing access to course resources.

Who can apply?

We accept 40 participants (10 in Arabic, 20 in Chinese, and 10 in Korean).

Our program is designed for Arabic, Chinese, and Korean teachers at community-based heritage schools and K-16 private/public institutions. Those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in planning and teaching their language should apply. We accept participants who work with all grade levels (PK-16). We encourage teachers seeking a teaching license or those wishing to make a difference in their language program to apply.

What is my commitment as a participant?

As a participant, we ask that you commit to completing weekly assignments, working collaboratively with other participants on group projects, and participating in all online and onsite sessions in the summer of 2024. In addition, you are encouraged to join in pre- and post-summer workshop virtual activities.

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