Gaby Semaan

Arabic Instructor/Coach




Associate professor of Arabic, Department of World Languages and Cultures and Director of Middle East Program, University of Toledo)

Dr. Semaan is a communication specialist and an expert on Middle East politics, languages, and cultures. Dr. Semaan was the co-director of the Summer Language Intensive Arabic Program at California State University San Bernardino from 2010-2016, partially funded by a STARTALK grant. In that capacity, he facilitated the onsite portion of the summer teacher training program conducted by Human Assistance and Development International (HADI), funded by a STARATALK grant. In addition, Dr. Semaan conducted several workshops for language teachers in conjunction with Conferences at the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (CSCTFL) and at Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA) conferences. In addition, he conducted onsite workshops for teacher training with HADI. Dr. Semaan received the 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award for the Less Commonly Taught Languages from Ohio Foreign Language Association.