Henny Chen

Lead Instructor/K-12 Pedagogy and Edu Tech Expert/Chinese Instructor:


Mandarin Chinese teacher, Moreau Catholic High School; Mandarin Chinese instructor, Chabot College, De Anza College

Henny Chen has been the Chinese language teacher at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California, since 2007. Before that, she taught Chinese literature in Taiwan for 14 years. She holds a Master's degree in educational technology and a Bachelor's degree in Chinese literature. Henny Chen is a renowned trainer and consultant in instructional technology for teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the US and abroad. In 2008-2018, she served as the technology coordinator for UC Berkeley's STARTALK program. Ms. Chen has developed numerous consulting projects and has joined STARTALK programs as a teacher trainer, such as the IMPACT STARTALK program at Stanford University and a teacher-student summer combination program at the University of Virginia. More than 500 teachers from 47 countries have joined her online training courses. Ms. Chen received the 2014 Outstanding Chinese Teacher Award from The Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS).